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About Us

Kia Shing Foodtec Sdn Bhd established in 2018. We are the first food company in Malaysia that has our own planting base and uses low-temperature vacuum drying technology. Our factory and office are located in Batu Pahat, Johor.

The raw materials used in the main products are sourced from our own farms and contract farms. We control the raw materials from the source to produce best quality products. Low-temperature vacuum drying enables agricultural products to produce dried vegetables and fruits with original flavor, high nutrition and beautiful color under the condition of low temperature, no oxygen, and no additives, pigments and flavoring agents. After 3 years of research, development and adjustment, we have added green energy and environmentally friendly solar drying technology to produce traditional flavor but modern and hygienic food.

Our company has many different specifications of dry agricultural products and we can make some adjustments of the machine according to the needs of the manufacturer. We mainly produce dried fruits, dried vegetables, frozen juices, fruit teas, herbs and biological insect repellents and so on.

Our vision is to become the largest domestic manufacturer of agricultural dry food. We use the latest technology to retain the flavor of traditional food, produce high-quality and healthy products. We aim to become a famous local product in Malaysia and  introducing Malaysian food to the whole world.

We use professional skill and technology to produce safe and high-quality healthy food. Our main products are: dry and frozen food, organic fertilizer, biological insect repellent. We respond to the concept of green environmental protection throughout the process: 『Fresh pulp makes dried fruit and juice, and the remaining residue is fermented into organic fertilizer or dry insect repellent, and then the environment is well cultivated to produce fresh agricultural products.』

Healthy, safe and quality products that follows Akta Makanan 1983 and give the best service.

Contributes to the development and economy of the country.

Safe and good environment that encourage commitment, trust and safe to all worker.